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Welcome to The Independent Pharmacist!

Everything you need to know about independent pharmacy. No matter who you are, whether patient, prescriber, or fellow pharmacist, you will not leave this site empty-handed.

Are You Going to the Best Pharmacy for You?

Take this short quiz and find out:

  • Can you easily consult with your pharmacist about medications?
  • Does your pharmacist offer advice when you have questions about using over-the-counter remedies to treat a common ailment?
  • Do you have to wait for your prescriptions?
  • Are your medications always in-stock?
  • Do you have a chronic condition?
  • Do you make lots of trips for your medications?
  • Would you benefit from home delivery?
  • Could custom medication mixing or special packaging help you better take your medications?
  • Does your pharmacy offer screenings, immunizations and wellness programs?
  • Does your pharmacy offer to contact your doctor and/or insurer when you have issues?
  • Does your pharmacist know your name?

If you answered ‘NO’ to many — or any — of the questions above, it’s time for you to check out what an independently owned, local pharmacy can do for you.

Independent pharmacies consistently receive the best ratings in speed and accuracy, courtesy and helpfulness, and pharmacists’ knowledge in customer surveys like Consumer Reports’ “Best Drug Store” ratings and JD Power & Associates. We specialize in prescriptions, and take providing you the fast, convenient, quality care personally.

Transfer your prescription today! Find an independent pharmacy near you.

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