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This site is designed to give you a better look into the realm of pharmacy. Whether you have questions about medications, insurance, compounding, doctors, or anything else related to pharmacy, this is your source for information. We will expose the corruption of insurance companies and drug manufacturers, look at how controlled substance laws are prohibiting proper treatment, and look at the reasons behind high drug prices and what you can do to help avoid them. Tune in regularly for updates in pharmacy-related news.

What is an independent pharmacist?

Simple. It’s a pharmacist that works for an independent pharmacy. Since I’m sure that answer isn’t sufficient, I would add that an independent pharmacist is one who practices at a pharmacy that is not owned by or generally affiliated with a large, publicly traded chain pharmacy, like CVS or Walgreens. For more information, see “Why use an independent pharmacy?

About The Independent Pharmacist

Currently, I am an independent pharmacist, but I have experience with several retail chain pharmacies including CVS, Target, and RiteAid. I also have some hospital and VA experience. As long as I have a choice, I will never go back to work for anyone other than an independent pharmacy, and I hope you will soon see why.

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