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I believe that you will find this site extremely useful. Here, you will find answers to questions you didn’t know you had. My intention is to give you an all-encompassing look at the world of pharmacy so that you can make the best decisions for you and for the future of healthcare.

If you have any questions, doubts, or concerns about any of the following topics, this site is for you.

  • What to look for in a pharmacy/pharmacist
  • How prescription insurance works
  • How your pharmacist can help you
  • How to choose a good insurance plan
  • Information on drug interactions and side-effects
  • Drug addiction
  • Compounded medications
  • High drug prices
  • Prescription side effects
  • And just about anything else pharmacy-related!

Our healthcare system is broken. Fewer people aspire to become doctors and pharmacists because the ability to practice medicine is constantly being impeded by the government and insurance companies. Many people are unable to get the care that they need because healthcare costs are too high. Pharmacies must turn away legitimate prescriptions due to fear of being shut down by the DEA. Here you will find the information that is needed to build a better healthcare system for your children and other generations to come.


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