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Nearly all the problems (with only a few exceptions) faced in the pharmacy realm can be attributed to insurance companies. Every day patients in pharmacies across the nation must settle for alternative therapy options. Insurance companies continue to play doctor and try to decide what treatment a patient will receive by denying coverage for necessary medications and paying for the next best (AKA cheaper) option. Prescribers and patients alike need to be aware of the tricks and scams of those insurance companies as well as valuable information on how to avoid being a victim of them.

Here you will find valuable information on how prescription insurance works as well as choosing an insurance plan that is right for you. This is the best source for understanding the truth behind pharmacy benefits managers and mail order pharmacy. Please browse the related articles below for more information on all things insurance.

Get to know your plan!

Download your plan’s app on your phone so you can know your insurance plan better. Follow the link below. If you don’t see your insurance plan, let me know and I will try to find it and add it.

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