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The Problem

Because big chain pharmacies are often overworked and understaffed, many customers don’t experience personal, individualized service. Rarely are they called by name or engaged in non-pharmacy conversation by the staff. As an independent pharmacy, you make customer service a priority. You strive to build personal relationships with your customers and community. Your customers are loyal to you because of the individualized care and attention you show them.

This feature of independent pharmacy is what makes us different. For many of us, it’s what’s keeping us in business. While it can be difficult at times to maintain this quality as we add new services and become busier, it is very important that we do.

The Solution gives independent pharmacies the ability to improve relationships with customers without increasing workload. Postable will prepare and mail stylish, personalized cards to your customers on your behalf. You simply upload your mailing list, choose your card styles, fonts, and message, and Postable takes care of the rest. This is a fantastic way for independent pharmacies to maintain and improve personal relationships with their customers.


My favorite feature of Postable is the ability to send cards automatically. In other words, all you have to do is upload your mailing list and tell Postable how often or for which occasions you want to send cards, and they will send them automatically. Your customers receive a personalized card which will make them feel appreciated and your workload and workflow remains uninterrupted. Also, keep in mind that if you are already sending out cards without a service like this, it also means that you can free up (or reduce) personnel leading to potential reductions in payroll.

Another great feature is the handwriting style font. While the goal is not to deceive your customers, a digital handwriting style font feels more personal than other font choices. Some font styles, like Times New Roman, feel too professional for a birthday card. The handwriting font feels more casual, almost as if you are having the conversation with them face to face.

Big Chains Just Can't Keep Up with the Individualized Care and Attention of Independents

Personalized care with personalized cards.

Automatically send out stylish, personalized cards for any occasion without lifting a finger!

Problems with Alternatives

There are alternative ways to automatically send out messages to your customers. Some services will allow you or a staff member to record conversations (happy birthday messages, refill reminders, announcements, etc.) and will send them out automatically. However, think about the last time you received an automated, recorded audio phone call. How long did you stay on the line? When you realized it was recorded audio you were speaking to, how did that make you feel? Unimportant? Unappreciated? As you well know, automated phone calls are not personal and may even rub people the wrong way. If you are anything like me, you might hang up as soon as you realize it is recorded, not even knowing who was calling or what their message was. That’s not how you want your customers to feel, is it?

The Resurgence of Direct Mail Quantum Postcards BlogWhile emails and texts may not cause the same frustration, everyone knows that emails and texts can be automated. The fact of the matter is, people respond completely different to a physical card or message. Emails and texts are never read twice and are usually deleted right away. But people hang on to cards. According to Graphic Arts, “[Direct mail]’s physicality also gives it a certain visibility, portability and longevity that sets it apart from digital communications.” Consider the possibility that when you send out cards around certain holidays, since many people display them in their homes, they may be inadvertently advertising your pharmacy to all of their visitors!

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